Album Creepolis available now!

Our new album "Creepolis" is available now:

You can buy it online at Cutwater-Music Onlineshop for only 11.99 EUR!

Listen in to a preview on the bottom of this page!

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It is the day after the finals at the Schleswig-Holstein-Hammer content and we came out on fourth place. Given the fact the originally several hundred bands applied to the contest - with 30 given the chance to play their songs in front of a jury and finally only 8 getting to the big live show - this is a huge success!

Thank you so much for all your support during the exhausting voting for the Schleswig-Holstein-Hammer 2015! Due to your help, La Frontera Victoriana turned out victorious and will perform together with 8 other acts at the Kieler Woche, the world's largest sailing event!

What a fabulous development: La Frontera Victoriana is the only steampunk band in a contest called "Hammer of Schleswig-Holstein 2015"... help us to reach the next round - all we need is your precious vote!

Today we are delighted to announce that despite us working on the new album we will be playing two shows next month already.

It is done! The audience song that we wrote together with your help is ready and will be performed live for the very first time at the Wallsbüll Open Air 2014!

Below you will find a short appetizer and if you would like to sing along to the song, here is the (German) text:


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